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Why Do You Have to Use AGM Batteries?

It might be getting colder, and more car owners with battery alarms will appear. We know that cars equipped with start-stop technology from the main manufacturers are fitted with AGM batteries, which are specially designed for automatic start-stop vehicles.

Do start-stop systems require AGM batteries?

The answer is: vehicles with start-stop systems cannot use ordinary lead-acid batteries.

Not all batteries are suitable for start-stop systems. Start-stop systems require more powerful batteries to provide sufficient energy to the car at idle, support more frequent starts, deep charge and discharge, as well as partial charging, dynamic charging reception capabilities, and so on. Ordinary batteries cannot meet these requirements. The automatic start-stop battery can provide a large amount of current in a short time, and has the function of repetitive charging and fast charging. However, ordinary batteries cannot do that. In addition, the battery with automatic start-stop function has a longer service life.

Are AGM batteries really expensive?

Some people say that the AGM quote is too high, is it the merchant trying to deceive them? It is not the merchant deceiving them. Generally speaking, the price of  AGM batteries is about three times that of ordinary batteries. Early AGM batteries were imported, but the price remained high, so when replacing the battery, the quote would naturally not be low.

What are the advantages of AGM batteries?

AGM, which stands for Absorbed Glass Mat technology. AGM batteries use a lean liquid design, and the electrode plate is not immersed in the electrolyte. Except for a small amount of electrolyte absorbed inside the plate, most of the electrolyte is absorbed in the porous glass fiber mat, and the technology of tight assembly is adopted to ensure full contact between the electrode plate and the electrolyte. The mat maintains a certain proportion of porosity that is not occupied by the electrolyte. This is to provide a channel for the oxygen produced by the positive electrode to move towards the negative electrode and ensure that the oxygen diffuses better to the negative electrode, where it recombines to generate water.

Using AGM technology, on the one hand, can effectively prevent stratification of the electrolyte, thereby increasing the deep cycle life of the battery (which can reach three times that of ordinary batteries) and service life; on the other hand, due to the lower resistance of the AGM mat, it also has better low-temperature performance.

EXOR was founded in 2001 and has been focusing on state-of-the-art VRLA batteries for industrial vehicles and transport applications for more than 20 years. As a leading lead-acid battery supplier in China, EXOR Battery focuses on the latest mat technology to ensure the strictest quality control of the battery. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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