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What is the Difference and Connection Between the Internal Structure of the Start-stop Battery and the Ordinary Battery?

At present, the common car batteries with automatic start-stop function on the market are divided into two types: EFB and AGM. Among them, EFB is a flooded battery, which is usually installed near the engine compartment; AGM is an adsorption glass fiber separator battery, which is a lean battery. Because it needs to avoid high temperature, it is generally installed in the trunk. If the two are compared with each other, it can be said that they have mutual advantages; but the overall performance of agm technology car batteries is better, and they are used more in German cars; EFB batteries have stronger temperature adaptation performance, usually in Japanese cars. See more.

Because the battery of the start-stop car is specially manufactured, that is, it belongs to the reinforced type. However, if the frequent start-up is in a state of power loss for a long time, the life of the battery will be greatly shortened, and this reinforced battery is longer than ordinary batteries. Batteries are much more expensive. However, the special battery of the automatic start-stop function can automatically turn off the car when it is temporarily stopped. When it is necessary to continue to move forward, only the driver needs to release the brake pedal, and the battery can automatically start the engine. The original intention of the design based on this function is to Major auto OEMs responded to the global call for energy conservation and emission reduction, thereby reducing vehicle exhaust emissions at the source.

1. The starter of the start-stop battery and the ordinary battery can withstand different current pressures

Vehicles with a stop-start car battery function are enhanced, as are the corresponding starters. Vehicles equipped with their own start-stop function have obvious differences in the part of the starter. Although they are all 12V, the starter of a vehicle equipped with a start-stop system can withstand a larger operating current, so it needs to be able to support larger Dedicated battery for current output. If it is replaced with a common battery, the working current of the starter may be insufficient, which will lead to other serious problems such as the operation failure of the starter or insufficient rotation speed. Once the starter is damaged, the cost of replacing a starter is far more than an automatic starting battery, which is obviously more than the loss.

2. The calibration of the start-stop battery and the normal battery body power management system is different

Generally speaking, for a vehicle with a start-stop battery, its power management system will be calibrated according to a special battery such as EFB or AGM, which will include current, voltage, and power distribution. If it is replaced with an ordinary battery, the original calibration will be used for allocation, which may cause the power management system to fail. In severe cases, the power management system may not be able to match the power supply, resulting in the failure of the battery to initialize, and ultimately the vehicle cannot be started.

Generally, the car with start-stop is equipped with "start-stop special battery" and "start-stop special starter". The stop-start car battery life of the car is 3-8 times that of ordinary battery starters, and the normal battery life is more than 6 years. 90%-95% of the wear and tear comes from cold start, the engine wear caused by start and stop can be ignored, but the in-situ idling affects heat dissipation and aggravates engine carbon deposition wear.

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