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Start and Stop Worry-free, AGM Batteries Open a Better Car Life

In the 1970s, Toyota Crown was equipped with an automatic start-stop system, which was practically tested for energy saving and emission reduction. After the vehicle stopped, the engine automatically cut off the oil and turned off the engine. This also became the prototype of the future development of automatic start-stop theory and design. With the continuous upgrading and updating of vehicle emission standards, the "automatic start-stop" system has become the standard configuration of more and more passenger models. AGM car batteries are favored by luxury car brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Land Rover. So, what are the advantages of AGM start-stop batteries?

1. Frequent congestion, AGM start and stop battery start and stop at will

In the face of urban traffic jams, the automatic start-stop system starts frequently, and the battery needs to support the energy consumption demand of a large number of electronic devices, and its electrical load will increase sharply. It is particularly important to equip a start-stop battery with good performance and durability. Compared with ordinary batteries, it is easy to be damaged due to power loss. AGM start-stop battery uses advanced plate formula, reasonable curing process, and has a deep cycle life three times that of ordinary batteries. Even if there is frequent traffic jam, it can still ensure surging power and meet the needs of starting and stopping at any time.

2. Short-term use of the car, AGM start-stop battery is full of power

When the vehicle does not drive frequently or travels for long or short distances, the ordinary battery often cannot be supplemented by sufficient power and is in a state of power deficit for a long time. The AGM start-stop battery adopts high-stability carbon material, the charging speed is faster than that of ordinary batteries, and the deep discharge performance is more excellent, which fully meets the needs of high-frequency start-stop.

3. Vehicle power supply, AGM start-stop battery has strong performance

With the advent of the 5G era, the application of in-vehicle electronic equipment, the continuous progress of in-vehicle communication technology and the upgrading of automotive intelligent systems, the demand for power supply of automotive batteries will increase greatly in the future. AGM start-stop battery uses new environmentally friendly materials with low self-discharge rate. High-carbon raw materials have excellent stability and long-lasting stable high electrical conductivity, which will greatly improve battery life and perfectly meet high-standard vehicle power supply requirements.

4. Extreme temperature, AGM start and stop battery start and stop freely

Under extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures, the utilization rate of active substances in the electrolyte of the car battery decreases, resulting in a decrease in the charge and discharge performance of the battery, and it is very easy to cause high temperature or low temperature of the car due to power shortage. The AGM start-stop battery produced by EXOR adopts a labyrinth exhaust system to ensure good sealing, prevent internal acid liquid from flowing out, and has stronger high temperature resistance performance due to slight water loss. It can also start instantly in a low temperature environment of -30 °C, which can easily meet the needs of vehicles in extremely hot and cold environments.

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