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The Names of VRLA Batteries and Their Origins

As we all know, VRLA batteries are valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries. It was born in the 1970s. By 1975, it had formed a considerable scale of production in some developed countries, and soon it was industrialized and put on the market in large quantities. Although this kind of battery is also a lead-acid battery, it has many advantages compared with the original lead-acid battery, and is very popular among users, especially those who need to install the battery supporting equipment together (or a workshop), such as UPS, telecommunications equipment, mobile communication equipment, computers, motorcycles, etc. This is because the VRLA battery is fully sealed and will not leak acid, and it will not release acid mist like the old lead-acid battery during charging and discharging, which will corrode the equipment and pollute the environment. Therefore, in terms of structural characteristics, VRLA batteries are also called closed (sealed) lead-acid batteries. In order to distinguish, the old lead-acid battery is called an open lead-acid battery. Since VRLA battery is not only fully sealed in structure, but also has a valve that can control the gas pressure inside the battery, so the full name of VRLA lead-acid battery is "valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery".

1. Compared with open lead-acid batteries, VRLA batteries are delivered with liquid charge

There is no need to add liquid or initial charge to the battery before use. Users can install and use it directly, and during the entire use process, there is no need to add water to the battery, add acid, test and adjust the density of the electrolyte, etc. A lot of maintenance work is also eliminated. In this situation, people usually refer to VRLA batteries as maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. Since they are maintenance-free, people mistakenly think that they can be used any way they want, and they don't need to worry about anything. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

With the increase of VRLA battery users, the continuous expansion of the scope of use, and the deepening of the understanding and experience of VRLA batteries by manufacturers and users, it is found that it is not accurate enough to call VRLA batteries maintenance-free batteries. On the other hand, any product must have its conditions of use and use requirements. How do you know that the product you use has always met the conditions of use and use requirements throughout its service life? Do some monitoring or measurement work for technical parameters, and the results or data of monitoring or measurement should be recorded so that the results and data of different periods can be compared and analyzed, and then corresponding judgments and disposals can be made. When necessary, appropriate remedial measures can be given to the battery; for example, if the mains power is often cut off and the power cut is prolonged, and the battery is discharged for a long time during the power cut and the over-discharge is caused, if you do not take measures to restore the battery capacity in time. For example, if the device for charging the battery fails or the set parameters for charging the battery are out of control (or drift), the battery is often in a state of discharge and cannot be charged, and what kind of battery can't stand it.

2. VRLA battery is also a kind of battery

The battery is just a device that converts electrical energy into chemical energy and stores it. It must not create energy out of thin air, nor is it a device for eternal energy. Therefore, regularly monitor and measure the technical status of VRLA batteries, and check the connection parts. The tightness of the battery, the appearance of the battery, and even cleaning the surface, etc., are all maintenance work, but compared with open lead-acid batteries, the amount of maintenance is greatly reduced. It can be seen that it is inappropriate to call the VRLA battery a maintenance-free lead-acid battery, and it is in line with the actual situation to call it a valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery.

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