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AGM Batteries: The First Choice for High-performance Automotive Start-stop Batteries

With the increasingly severe global climate and environmental problems and the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the automobile market in various countries has put forward stricter requirements for carbon dioxide emission standards and fuel economy. The "automatic start-stop" technology, which can effectively save 5% of fuel consumption, has gradually become the standard configuration of passenger models. The AGM car battery, which is the core of the start-stop power system, is also attracting the attention of the public.

1. The start-stop system saves energy and reduces consumption, and the quality of AGM car battery is high

Automatic engine start and stop refers to a system in which the vehicle stops temporarily (such as waiting for a red light) and turns off during driving, and the system automatically restarts the engine when it needs to move on. According to the European endurance test standard cycle test, a car equipped with a start-stop system can save 4%-5% of fuel, and can save up to 15% in congested roads. In addition, according to the tests of authoritative institutions such as General Motors of the United States, the fuel saving rate can reach about 10% in actual use, and the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by 15.1g per 100 kilometers.

In the face of the more common traffic jams in cities, automatic start-stop technology can better promote energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. However, the frequent start-up of the start-stop system greatly increases the power load and loss of the battery. Therefore, in the selection of AGM car battery, the requirements for quality and life will be more stringent.

AGM battery (absorbable glass fiber mesh battery) is a start-stop battery mainly used in cars with start-stop system. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, AGM car batteries can better solve the pressure of frequent engine starting and the growing power load on vehicle batteries. Its deep discharge performance is good, allowing short-term frequent battery discharge, suitable for starting , high-end luxury models in the parking system.

2. AGM car battery uses new environmentally friendly materials with low self-discharge rate

It can reduce automobile fuel consumption by 5% and carbon emissions by more than 5%; the labyrinth exhaust system design and the use of high liquid absorption and high resilience AGM separators further enhance the high temperature resistance and shock resistance of the battery , resulting in longer and more durable battery life. AGM car battery has a handle design, which is safe and convenient, and the shell is made of environmentally friendly materials, which is easier to recycle.

As an Asian automotive battery manufacturer, JYC has signed fixed-point development agreements with dozens of OEMs in the field of start-stop batteries with its core technology and cost advantages. On the consumer side, AGM start-stop batteries, with their high performance, high quality and long service life, have become the common choice of owners of mainstream high-end luxury car brands in many markets such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Land Rover and so on!

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