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EXOR Marine Battery

Marine Battery, with both start-up and deep cycle capabilities, is designed specifically for in-ship energy power supply to increase your satisfaction with onboard power. Ordinary marine batteries have only the starting capability or only the deep cycle capability. However, EXOR, as a professional marine battery supplier in Malaysia, provides good marine battery which adopts advanced German technology, high-quality rare earth plate and AGM separator. The capacity of AGM boat starting battery energy is improved. You will never regret choosing EXOR AGM deep cycle marine battery.

As a professional marine battery manufacturer, Exor's commitment to quality and innovation has earned them a reputation as a trusted and reliable marine battery manufacturer. Our AGM marine starting battery, in particular, are highly durable and designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. These AGM marine batteries for sale are spill-proof, maintenance-free, and provide consistent starting power, even in extreme conditions.

Whether you are looking for a reliable marine battery for your boat or yacht, Exor is the perfect choice. With our high-quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service, we are committed to meeting the needs of boaters around the world.

Marine Battery

Different Types of Marine Batteries for Sale

There are several types of marine batteries available for sale, each with their own unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most common types of AGM starting battery marine:

12V180AH Marine Battery

12V180AH Marine Battery

EXOR AGM Marine Battery is available for start-up and deep cycle use. With our use of ultrafine glass fiber, adsorbed electrolyte, the new battery is absolutely leakproof, maintenance-free, and has extremely high vibration resistance.
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12V200AH Marine Battery

12V200AH Marine Battery

EXOR AGM Marine Battery is manufactured using ultrafine fiberglass (AGM) partitions and advanced valve control technology to avoid acid leaks and frequent maintenance.
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12V230AH Marine Battery

12V230AH Marine Battery

EXOR AGM Marine Battery can easily meet offshore requirements, from start-up performance to extensive trawling and auxiliary power.
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12V260AH Marine Battery

12V260AH Marine Battery

12V260AH Marine battery is made of ultra-fine glass fiber and absorbs electrolytes, making the new battery absolutely leakproof, maintenance-free, 20 times more resistant to shock and providing wave protection.
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Tips On Charging Marine Battery

Most of us know that when we buy a new or used boat, the batteries provided aren't necessarily top-of-the-line. If they seem up to the work, we don't think much of them. But in warmer climates, the daily heat is the batteries' main enemy and can greatly shorten their life. In areas where we are forced to store our boats for the winter, how the batteries are maintained during this time is also crucial to extending lifespan of the AGM boat battery.

It is best to place the agm marine dual purpose battery in a regular trickle charger and keep it charged when not in use. A battery that is not charged (or is constantly charged) can freeze at low temperatures, potentially causing the container to rupture. Batteries are like many things in life, which can use them or lose them! Car batteries usually last longer than agm marine starting batteries because the car is often used and the battery stays charged. When it comes to boats, the old saying that the battery life is two years is apt. When it's about to abandon you, you'll usually get a warning that one morning the battery is "dead" or starting up slightly slower than you're used to. You plug in your charger, the agm marine cranking battery miraculously comes back to life, and you're ready to go. You might think that one of the lights was on, or that the radio memory had lowered the voltage. The reality may be that the battery is being  sulphated, the separator is distorted and it no longer charges as it once did.

How To Choose A Good Marine Battery

How To Choose A Good Marine Battery

Marine batteries are divided into three types:

1.Starting orcranking marine battery

These types of batteries provide high explosive power for short periods of time to start your engines and power your boat. When the ignition switch is activated, the starting boat battery supplies power to the engine. It is designed to deliver a large amount of current in a short amount of time. The AGM marine cranking battery has a larger number of thinner and larger surface area lead plates to provide the necessary power.

2.Deep cycle marine battery

If you want to power on-board electronics and accessories, deep cycle starting marine batteries are what you need. Deep cycle batteries produce less energy for a long time. It can handle long discharge cycles when the engine is shut down. Deep cycle starter batteries consist of fewer thicker lead plates to provide continuous power output over long periods.

3.Dual purpose marine battery

AGM boat starting battery is a hybrid battery designed to be used both as a starter battery and as a deep cycle. Dual purpose boat batteries are a hybrid of the two and are a good compromise between starter and deep-cycle batteries, especially for boats where only one battery is used for "home" power when starting and the engine is off.

Exor, as a well-known marine battery manufacturer in Malaysia, provides Dual Purpose Marine Battery which uses AGM technology and has lower internal resistance, allowing greater startup power and charging acceptance, and charging faster than other types of deep cycle batteries. AGM battery can accept the highest charging current, up to 40% of the battery's ampere-hour capacity, meaning they charge faster. Long life, low 3% self-discharge rate and excellent performance make EXOR's AGM batteries ideal for boaters who need fast start power and reliable deep cycle capability.

How to Extending Your Marine Battery Lifespan?

Secure The Marine Battery With A Good Battery Tray.

The tray should have a base that is bolted or bolted to the ship and has a rigid bracket or lock strap to hold it to the base. And you don't want marine AGM starting battery popping in choppy water.

Check The Battery Terminal Connections Frequently.

Check the battery terminal connections frequently to ensure that AGM boat starting batteries are comfortable and free from corrosion. Replace the airfoil nuts commonly found on Marine batteries with nylon lock nuts, which are less likely to come loose.

Use A Maintenance Battery Charger

If you don't use the boat often, use a maintenance battery charger to keep the AGM marine starting battery fully charged.

Fully Charge The Battery And Then Disconnect The Terminal

Before off-season storage, fully charge the battery and then disconnect the terminal so there is nothing to pull the battery down. If your storage location has electricity, place the AGM marine dual purpose battery in a battery maintainer/charger during the off-season and maintain your battery continuously. Otherwise, remove the batteries from the boat and store AGM marine cranking batteries in a place where they can be connected to a maintenance charger.

Install A Cover Or Boot On Top Of The Positive Electrode

If not installed by a boatman, install a cover or "boot" on top of the positive electrode of the battery, even if the AGM boat starting battery is in a covered box. For example, if a tool falls on the terminal, it can prevent sparks and arcs from exploding.

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