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Which is Better, Gel Battery or Lead Acid Battery?

There is no liquid leakage phenomenon in the gel battery. The interior of the gel battery is solid and does not contain electrolyte liquid; it is not limited by the appearance, and can be made into an ultra-thin battery. The thinnest gel battery can reach 0.5mm; high safety , In the event of heavy impact or high temperature impact, the gel battery has a very high tolerance; it is light in texture and does not require shell protection. Gel battery has many outstanding advantages and is a new type of battery that is widely respected. It has the outstanding characteristics of thinness, light texture and high safety. The key point is that the cost of gel cell batteries is lower, and it is actively introduced by many companies. Manufacturers can design gel cell batteries into different shapes according to the needs of the product itself.

1. Different usage scenarios of gel cell batteries and lead-acid battery VRLA

Lead-acid batteries include gel and liquid. These two kinds of batteries are used according to regions. The gel battery has strong cold resistance. Its working efficiency is much higher than that of liquid batteries at -15 °C, and its thermal insulation performance is excellent. The temperature is very low, and gel cell batteries can be used.

Gel cell batteries belong to the development category of lead-acid batteries. The easiest way is to add a gelling agent to sulfuric acid to make the sulfuric acid electro-hydraulic into a colloid. Batteries with a colloidal electro-hydraulic state are usually called colloidal batteries. The difference between the gel batteriy and traditional lead-acid battery VRLA is not only that the electro-hydraulic becomes gel. In recent years, the laboratory has added a targeted coupling agent to the plate formulation, which greatly improves the reaction utilization rate of the active substances in the plate. According to non-public data, the weight specific energy level of 70wh/kg can be achieved.

2. The performance of gel battery is better than that of lead acid battery VRLA

Gel battery has stable performance, high reliability, long service life, strong adaptability to ambient temperature (high temperature and low temperature), long-term discharge resistance, cyclic discharge resistance, deep discharge resistance and high current discharge resistance, overcharge and overdischarge resistance and self-protection, etc. advantage.

There is a deep discharge protection mechanism inside the gel battery, and the deep discharge battery can still be connected to the load. Charging within four weeks will not damage battery performance. After charging, the rated capacity of the battery can be quickly restored without affecting the battery life. Deep discharge of the lead acid battery VRLA will damage the battery permanently. Once discharged, if the battery cannot be charged and restored in a short time, the battery will be scrapped immediately. That is to say, after a long period of charging, part of the battery's capacity can be recovered, and the battery's life and reliability will be greatly reduced.

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