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Let Us Learn About the AGM Battery Black Technology

With the increasing global call for energy conservation and emission reduction, the automotive industry has set controlling carbon emissions and reducing fuel consumption as their hard targets for the future. This has led to vehicle manufacturers accumulating technologies to seek low-cost, high-efficiency solutions, making engine automatic stop-start technology the new direction for fuel vehicles.

Stop-start battery AGM technology has more than three times the deep cycle capacity of ordinary battery, with more stable performance, stronger starting power and longer service life. AGM battery is a lead-acid battery that uses adsorption glass fiber board technology. Most of the electrolyte is present within the glass fiber film, while some of the electrolyte is drawn inside the plate. The design has a top cover with a pressure safety valve and a single vent hole, as well as a thickened tray to effectively reduce the loss of active substances to a minimum, thereby enhancing the battery's deep cycle capacity.

Stop-start AGM battery has ultra-high charging acceptance capability and excellent starting power

It can fully absorb the electric energy generated by the brake energy recovery system, and can start the engine even when it is in a low charged state. Compared with lead-calcium batteries, stop-start AGM battery cycle charging capacity is three times higher and has a longer service life, providing customers with a 24-month warranty.

When the driver touches the brake pedal, the engine will stop working according to the depth of the brake force. When the driver encounters a red light or traffic congestion, the start-stop system forcibly shuts down the engine, eliminating idle while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. When the green light is on, the start-stop system releases the brake, and the car engine quickly starts to work. With efficient battery technology and corresponding engine management programs, the start-stop system can work normally even at low temperatures, requiring only a brief warm-up process to activate.

The advantages of stop-start AGM battery


  • Vehicles equipped with stop-start systems mainly use lead-acid batteries with AGM ultra-fine glass fiber separators.

  • Stop-start AGM battery uses innovative technology with high-quality composite-layered fiber separators, which has high acid resistance and stronger electrolyte absorption capabilities.

  • Its service life is three to four times that of traditional liquid-rich batteries.

  • It has good deep discharge performance, allowing short-term frequent large current discharges.

  • It has excellent cold starting performance and can provide higher energy in the same space.

  • The battery has zero risk of electrolyte spillage, even when inverted or broken.

  • Equipped with the latest technology for advanced start-stop vehicles.

  • High charging acceptance rate, able to absorb a large amount of electric energy from brake energy recovery.

  • Completely maintenance-free.

Nowadays, a large number of passenger cars are equipped with start-stop systems. Start-stop cars require dedicated start-stop batteries. EXOR has a specialized start-stop AGM battery production workshop, with fully automated and intelligent production equipment to create high-quality, high-performance products. AGM batteries have excellent cycle performance, charging acceptance capacity, higher capacity stability, and more reliable low-temperature properties, making them the best choice for high-end start-stop cars!

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+60 17-535 9299