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EXOR Start-Stop EFB Battery

EXOR EFB batteries, specially designed for cars equipped with advanced start-stop systems, provide professional design for Japanese and Korean series vehicles, is a must choice for car owners equipped with battery start-stop systems. EXOR Start-Stop EFB battery uses a new type of alloy, new lead paste formula, and new separator, which make service life, water loss, low temperature starting and other aspects of EFB Start-Stop battery have been greatly improved. EXOR EFB start stop battery has long cycle life, high starting power in low temperature, suitable for frequent starting. Deep cycle performance and partial charge state are double that of conventional maintenance-free batteries.

Start-Stop EFB Battery

Types of Start-Stop EFB Batteries

12V60AH EFB Battery (Start-Stop)

12V60AH EFB Battery (Start-Stop)

12V60AH - EFB battery (Start-Stop) has low self-discharge and long cyclic life. At low temperature, 590A≤CCA≤620A.
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12V70AH EFB Battery (Start-Stop)

12V70AH EFB Battery (Start-Stop)

12V70AH-EFB battery (start-stop) can be used for 3 to 5 years, conventional maintenance-free batteries can only be used for 2 to 3 years.
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12V85AH EFB Battery (Start-Stop)

12V85AH EFB Battery (Start-Stop)

12V85AH-EFB battery (start-stop) uses a unique sealing structure design to minimize water loss and extends battery life.
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12V95AH EFB Battery (Start-Stop)

12V95AH EFB Battery (Start-Stop)

12V95AH-EFB battery (start-stop) uses high-conductivity lead alloy casting and welding, TTP welding technology, good starting performance under high current.
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How To Choose Start-Stop EFB or AGM Battery

How To Choose Start-Stop EFB or AGM Battery

AGM battery refers to the battery separator is made of superfine glass wool material. At present, German and American cars mainly promote AGM technology batteries. Compared with ordinary lead-acid battery, AGM Start-Stop battery price is more than three times more expensive, but it has the following advantages:

(1) Cycle charging capacity is 3 times higher than ordinary lead-acid battery, with longer service life.

(2) AGM auto battery has higher capacitance stability throughout the service life cycle.

(3) Low temperature starting is more reliable.

(4) Reduce accident risk, no acid leakage to reduce environmental pollution.

AGM stop-start car battery is not resistant to high temperature and generally cannot be installed in the engine compartment. Therefore, The high temperature resistance of EFB makes it suitable for Japanese and Korean cars with batteries placed next to the engine.

AGM batteries are mostly assembled in European brand vehicles, while EFB batteries are mostly assembled in Japanese brand vehicles. In the use of each has its strengths, there are many battery customers will consult, no car with start and stop function can be replaced by ordinary batteries?

Most of the people who consult this kind of problem come across high-end cars such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Take Mercedes Benz for example, many models of Mercedes Benz S series do not have the start-stop function, can we use ordinary battery instead? The answer is "no".

Benz S series, ML series, GL series are basically all AGM auto batteries ranging from 70A to 95A, although S series does not have the start-stop function, but he has vehicular appliances such as refrigerators, coffee heaters, backseat DVD movies and other needs to power, using ordinary batteries is different, the battery industry has tested using ordinary batteries instead of AGM batteries, It ended up being scrapped in 3-6 months.

Compared with Start-Stop EFB batteries, AGM batteries have more excellent deep cycle characteristics, which can meet the application requirements of vehicles with start-stop system, energy recovery system and high-end luxury cars. EFB Start-Stop battery has the characteristics of low cost, wide temperature range and so on, and the overall performance can meet the needs of the entry-level start-stop system.

How Long Is Start-Stop EFB battery Lifespan

EFB battery has low self-discharge and long service life. EFB battery life can reach 3 ~ 5 years. At the same time, EFB Start-Stop battery adopts a new process, and the low temperature starting current is greatly improved compared with the ordinary battery. The ordinary battery life is two to three years.

FAQs Of Start-Stop EFB Battery

Do EFB Batteries Self-discharge?+ -

Even if the battery is not connected to an external circuit to discharge, it slowly loses power itself, a phenomenon called self-discharge. EFB technology battery has more active substance and faster self-discharge than ordinary battery.

How To Maintain The Start-Stop EFB Battery?+ -

About batteries in stock:

1. Replenish electricity regularly (once /3 months);

2. First in, first out.

What Should Be Paid Attention To When Loading Start-Stop EFB Batteries?+ -

1. Slow current charging for 15 minutes before loading;

2. Can start the vehicle;

3. Can use start and stop system.

Can The Start-Stop system battery And Ordinary Battery Intersubstitute? How Long Is The Estimated Service Life Of Ordinary Batteries Instead Of Start-Stop Batteries?+ -

The battery of the start-stop system vehicle cannot be replaced by ordinary battery. Because the performance of the Start-Stop auxiliary battery is designed to be higher than that of ordinary batteries, the service life of ordinary batteries will be reduced. From the experimental data, it can be inferred that the durability of ordinary battery is only one third of the start-stop battery, the start-stop engine battery can be used to replace the ordinary battery of ordinary high-equipped vehicles. At the same time, the replacement battery had better not power.

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