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EXOR Lead Acid Battery For Sale

As a specialized lead acid battery factory, EXOR is committed to the top sealed lead acid (SLA) battery supply manufacturer and carries over 300 types of standard lead acid battery available to meet all of our customers' Power needs. As an excellent lead acid battery company in Malaysia, EXOR specializes in  General Purpose battery, Deep Cycle battery, OPzV & OPzS battery, Start-Stop AGM automotive battery, etc.

Start-Stop AGM Battery

EXOR, a professional lead acid battery supplier in Malaysia, provides high-quality AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Start-Stop Battery Series which includes 5 types of excellent products for your European and American vehicles with capacities ranging from 60 Ah to 105 Ah.

Start-Stop EFB Battery

With capacities ranging from 60 to 95 Ah, EFB Start-Stop Battery Series provided by EXOR battery includes 4 types of products for your Japanese and Korean vehicles to choose from.

Heavy Duty Car Battery

EXOR battery provides high-quality heavy duty car battery which can work continuously for 9-12 hours for major electric appliances such as parking air conditioners, and won the International IATF16949 Quality Management System Certification. 

Marine Battery

EXOR battery provides different types of marine batteries with earthquake-resistant, stable, high-performance, maintenance-free design and capacities ranging from 180 to 260 Ah, giving customers perfect power solution.

VRLA Batteries

EXOR battery provides seven types of VRLA batteries including General Purpose Battery, Deep Cycle Battery, GEL Battery, High Rate Battery, Front Terminal Battery, OPzV Battery, OPzS Battery, whose capacities ranging from 0.5Ah to 3300Ah.

Lead Acid Battery Application
VRLA Battery Used In Network Power
Network Power


EXOR network energy battery products can be widely used in solar and wind power system, communication network, data centers, grid network, generator starting, and other applications.

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Start Stop AGM/EFB Battery Used In Transportation

Passengers Vehicles/Commercial Vehicles

EXOR battery supplies start-stop batteries (EFB & AGM technology). When your car comes to end, the EXOR start-stop technology can help you  conserve fuel by automatically switching off the engine.

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Truck And Marine Battery Used In Motive Power Solutions
Motive Power

Marine Craft/Yachts/Boats

EXOR battery manufactures high-quality motive power batteries which can meet the demands of marine craft industry specifications and battery production management specifications.

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JYC EXOR Battery
What Makes EXOR Unique

EXOR Battery is a sub-brand owned by the JYC Battery Manufacturer, has funded in 2000, which focuses on cutting-edge VRLA batteries for industry automotive and transportation applications for over 20 years. As a superior lead acid battery supplier in Malaysia, EXOR battery specializes in the latest partition technology to ensure the most stringent quality control for batteries. 

EXOR provides various types of lead acid battery products including valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery, advanced flooded battery (AFB) and enhanced flooded battery (EFB), and related accessories, most of which got ISO, UL, CE, IEC, IATF, RoHS, and other international certificates. In addition to offering a wide type of lead acid battery products, EXOR battery also offer quality, reliable and safe battery energy solutions to achieve smarter energy management.

Advantages of EXOR Battery
100% pre-market after-sales service 100% inspection before loading
2 Fatories: China and Malaysia, the price is more competitive
Self-produced all spare parts, such as plates, cases, terminals, carton etc.
Advanced technologies: TTP welding, heat sealing and inner formation
Complete international certification ISO, UL, Rohs, IEC, IATF, CE, etc.
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+60 17-535 9299
No. 8, Lot 3302, Jalan Permata 2, Arab Malaysian Industrial Park, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

No. 8, Lot 3302, Jalan Permata 2, Arab Malaysian Industrial Park, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
+60 17-535 9299