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Precautions for Starting and Stopping the Battery EFB

1. EFB batteries should be kept for more than 6 months (from the date the battery leaves the factory). Please use the charger to charge. There are two charging methods:

(1) Constant current charging (i.e. constant current charging, recommended): According to the ratio of open circuit voltage, (20°C), supplement the electric energy corresponding to the following table.

Note: When using this method to charge, please pay attention to the control of the charging time to prevent the battery from being overcharged.

(2) Constant voltage charging (ie constant voltage current limiting charging).

Exhaust type, constant voltage 16.0V, current limiting 2.5 conventional charging current, charging for 16 hours.

Note: After charging in this way, the battery voltage may become charged. Therefore, after the battery is charged and set for 4 hours, the measured voltage value will be more accurate.

2. When wading, please turn off the automatic start-stop system (water reaches the air inlet position).

The EFB start-stop battery of the same type and size can replace the AGM start-stop battery, otherwise, it cannot! Since the EFB start-stop battery is mainly placed in the engine compartment of the car, the AGM start-stop battery cannot be placed in the engine compartment due to its high temperature resistance.

3. Ordinary lead-acid batteries cannot replace EFB start-stop batteries; ordinary lead-acid batteries cannot realize the characteristics of frequent discharge, deep discharge and fast charging of EFB start-stop batteries, and forced replacement will lead to premature termination of service life of ordinary lead-acid batteries! Hence the loss of 3 packs of product.

The above is the relevant consultation of the start-stop battery organized by JYC for you. Through the sharing of this content, everyone has a certain understanding of the start-stop battery. If you want to have a more in-depth understanding of the start-stop battery market information, you can Contact our company's salesman, or visit JYC Battery to discuss and exchange.

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