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Did You Know the AGM Battery Technology?

Modern cars require more energy, as more and more technological components and comfort features place a heavy burden on start-stop batteries. Additionally, due to legal requirements to reduce CO2 emissions, manufacturers have to integrate automatic start-stop systems. With the proliferation of start-stop battery manufacturers, start-stop batteries are rapidly taking over.

Only high-performance automotive batteries, such as EFB or AGM batteries, can meet these higher demands and provide stable power within the vehicle. Only the same type of battery can be used to replace a start-stop system battery. If your car uses an EFB battery, it is recommended to upgrade to an AGM battery. However, AGM start-stop batteries may be applicable for some non-start-stop vehicles.

The uniqueness of start-stop battery technology

Designed to shut off the engine when the car stops, like at a stop sign, and then restart it when the driver presses the throttle pedal. Reducing idle time is the main goal of start-stop systems, which also reduces fuel consumption and pollutants. However, cars equipped with start-stop systems also put greater pressure on start-stop batteries. Start-stop battery technology must deal with multiple discharge and recharge cycles throughout the entire urban driving process. Compared to traditional cars, start-stop batteries only need to provide high current at the start of the journey. Additionally, start-stop batteries must continue to supply power to auxiliary systems such as lighting, air conditioning, and in-car entertainment when the engine is off.

Lead-acid start-stop battery technology operates within a relatively small charging state window. If the battery is discharged below its design limit or subjected to deep cycling, sulfation will accelerate and reduce the battery's ability to accept a charge, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Technologies created by manufacturers ensure cyclic and deep discharge durability while maintaining durability to meet these expectations.

AGM batteries can satisfy your thirst for power

Modern small and medium-sized cars are often equipped with various electric auxiliary devices and convenience facilities, such as heated seats or mirrors. In addition, elements such as central door lock systems and navigation systems are often included as standard equipment, even in small cars. More electrical components are added to premium grades, off-road vehicles, and sports cars, and the battery must provide power in all driving conditions and weather. In these cases, upgrading to an AGM battery may be beneficial, ensuring enhanced reliability even for non-automatic start-stop cars. The price of start-stop batteries is sometimes a significant factor.

The start-stop system requires modern batteries, as basic start-stop batteries cannot meet the high demands of these cars. Compatible start-stop battery technologies are required for smooth and reliable operation of modern automotive electrical systems.

Therefore, these types of start and stop batteries can be used with stop-start technology - EFB or AGM batteries. AGM batteries can replace EFB batteries, but AGM technology can only be used for cars that can accommodate AGM batteries.

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