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EXOR AGM Start-Stop Battery

EXOR AGM Start-Stop battery is a kind of lead-acid battery that adopts 24-year advanced AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) separator technology. There are no more than ten lead acid battery manufacturers with advanced automotive punching technology in Malaysia, and EXOR Battery's high CCA value at low temperature is far ahead in the industry. The advantages of AGM start stop battery include frequent start and stop, low internal resistance, fast charging speed, large capacity, high-temperature resistance, and extended service life. Stable performance, high and low-temperature resistance, -40° C -70 ° C. EXOR AGM car battery is widely used in mild hybrid vehicles with a Start-Stop system.

Start-Stop AGM Battery

AGM Car Batteries for Sale

12V60AH - AGM Battery (Start-Stop)

12V60AH - AGM Battery (Start-Stop)

At low temperature, CCA≥860A. Up to 100,000 times After continuous start-stop test for 36000 times(discharge at a high current rate of 1 min each time), the rest capacity still remain 80%.
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12V70AH - AGM Battery (Start-Stop)

12V70AH - AGM Battery (Start-Stop)

At low temperature, CCA≥990A. Adopt special lead-carbon formula, fast charging, charging acceptability increase by 20%.
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12V80AH - AGM Battery (Start-Stop)

12V80AH - AGM Battery (Start-Stop)

At low temperature, CCA≥1040A. Lower than the national standard by Adopt high tin alloy plate, internal conduction loss is smaller,impedance is 15% lower than the national standard.
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12V92AH -  AGM Battery (Start-Stop)

12V92AH - AGM Battery (Start-Stop)

at low temperature, CCA≥1090A. Ultra long service life,easy to cope with frequent start and stop.
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12V105AH - AGM Battery (Start-Stop)

12V105AH - AGM Battery (Start-Stop)

At low temperature, CCA≥1140A. Higher than normal capacity, reserve capacity (25A discharge test) is greater than 1.2 times normal capacity.
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How Do AGM Batteries Work

How Do AGM Batteries Work

AGM (Absorption glass Pad) cells are made of special ultrafine glass fiber separators that absorb electrolyte solutions between the panels. The material is designed so that glass fibres can be saturated with an electrolyte and stored in a dry or suspended state rather than as a free liquid.

When the AGM auto battery is working, the electrolyte is transferred from the glass pad to the panel as needed. The AGM contains enough electrolyte to allow the battery to operate at its full capacity, and if the battery housing is damaged or the battery tilts the electrolyte will not overflow, and has some seismic resistance.

Advantages Of AGM Batteries

Maintenance Free.

With ordinary batteries in cars, the process of replenishing the electrolyte is laborious and harmful. When the relief valve is unscrewed, a small amount of sulfuric acid gas escapes from the battery. Therefore, ordinary classic batteries should be kept in a well-ventilated area, as their operation and maintenance in a closed room can be hazardous to human health. With AGM tech battery, the electrolyte evaporates only in the event of a violation of charging requirements and does not need to be repaired throughout its life.

Not Afraid Of Deep Discharge.

No battery can withstand strong discharges, and for some modifications, this factor is only destructive. For standard power supplies, frequent discharges below 50% will seriously affect their capacity. Batteries cannot be stored in this state. In the case of AGM types, they can withstand 20 percent more energy loss than conventional batteries without causing serious damage. This means that repeated discharges up to 30% will not affect AGM battery performance.

Not Afraid To Flip.

Because the battery is sealed, the electrolyte does not pour out of the battery when it is flipped over. The electrolyte is adsorbed by the AGM, preventing it from moving freely under the influence of gravity. However, do not store or operate batteries upside down. The reason for this is that, when upside down, the exhaust valve is located at the bottom of the AGM tech battery and the excess gas cannot be naturally discharged through the exhaust valve.

Not Corroded By Sulfate.

Because the electrolyte does not boil or evaporate during operation and proper charging, the AGM auto battery's plate is always in contact with the reactive material. Therefore, sulfate corrosion does not occur in this cell. One exception is incorrect charging, during which the evaporation of released gases and electrolytes can be interfered with.

Not Afraid Of Vibration.

Regardless of the position of the battery, the electrolyte is always in contact with the plate because the electrolyte remains tightly attached to the AGM surface. Therefore, small vibrations and shaking do not violate the contact of these reactive substances. As a result, these AGM auto batteries can be safely used in vehicles that often travel over rough terrain.

More Stable At High And Low Ambient Temperatures.

There is no free water in the AGM battery, which may freeze or evaporate during operation. As a result, the AGM battery family remains stable at temperatures of -70 degrees Celsius and heat of +40 degrees Celsius. That's right, it can discharge just as fast as a conventional battery in cold weather.

CCA AGM batteries Charge Faster And Can Deliver A Higher Current In A Shorter Amount Of Time.

CCA requirements are important for the cold start of an internal combustion engine. The AGM battery does not get very hot during operation and charging. For example, while about 20% of the energy used to charge a conventional battery is converted to heat, in the AGM version it is less than 4%.

What Is The Difference Between AGM And EFB Battery?

The internal structure of the two batteries is different. EFB is a rich liquid battery, and AGM is a poor liquid battery.

The installation position is different. EFB rich liquid battery is suitable to be installed near the engine compartment, while AGM poor liquid storage is generally installed in the trunk.

AGM battery is better than EFB battery overall, more fuel saving and environmental protection, can save 5-10% oil, and reduce 10-20% carbon dioxide emissions.

Start-stop EFB battery has a wider temperature range than AGM. AGM battery cannot be used at high temperatures.

Different car companies, German and American manufacturers mainly promote AGM battery technology, while Japanese manufacturers mainly promote EFB battery technology.

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