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Complete Guide to Start-Stop AGM Battery

The full name of AGM battery is valve regulated AGM lead-acid battery, which is a maintenance-free lead-acid battery that uses a new technology with electrolyte absorbed in the AGM separator. It is mainly used in automobiles equipped with start-stop systems.

Main technical features of AGM battery

  • AGM process: the electrolyte is permanently absorbed in the glass fiber separator, and there is no flowing electrolyte. The capillary action of the AGM separator can effectively alleviate the stratification of electrolyte and reduce the self-discharge of the battery.

  • There is an oxygen recombination reaction inside the battery, which reduces water consumption in the battery cycle life and effectively protects the grid to alleviate corrosion.

  • The group pressure assembly of the electrode plate makes the mechanical and chemical properties of the electrode plate more stable and avoids the loss of active substances and performance decay during the cycle process, effectively extending the service life.

  • The electrolyte is completely absorbed in the AGM separator, and no excess electrolyte is needed in the upper part of the group. The electrode plate can be designed to be higher and have a larger area than the traditional battery design, making AGM start-stop battery technology have better cold start performance.

  • The unique through-wall welding connection method can increase the conductivity of the current and improve the vibration resistance of the battery.

Performance characteristics of AGM battery

AGM lead-acid battery is a poor liquid design, and the electrolyte is absorbed in the AGM separator without any flowing electrolyte inside the battery. Due to the use of advanced materials and design technology, the water loss during use is small, and no water addition is required. Meanwhile, AGM battery also has the following advantages:

  • Low self-discharge, can still be used after a long time of storage;

  • High cold starting power, suitable for frequent starting;

  • Better charging receptivity;

  • No acid mist is emitted during charging;

  • Long service life;

  • Safe and explosion-proof;

  • Small water loss.

Structural characteristics of AGM battery

When an ordinary battery approaches the end of charge, a large amount of water is released due to water decomposition, causing the electrolyte level to drop. If the charging current is too large, there will be more water loss. Due to the adoption of lead-calcium alloy plate grid, AGM separator, and innovative design, the battery of AGM technology has a gas recombination reaction during charging and use, which reduces water loss in the battery.

Another reason why AGM start-stop battery technology does not require water addition during use is the adoption of a sealed valve-controlled design, which greatly reduces the evaporation and leakage of water. Meanwhile, the use of AGM separator and "tight assembly" on the positive electrode plate can protect the active substance, effectively prevent the softening and shedding of the active substance, and extend the service life of the battery.

Due to the maintenance-free lead-acid battery adopting a sealed design, it will not corrode the pole and vehicle body. The battery vent hole is equipped with a new safety venting system, and the filtering element in the air passage plug can prevent acid mist from discharging and sparks from entering the battery, thereby preventing battery explosion.

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