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The Heat Resistance of the Parking-enabled AGM Battery is Very Good

Under the influence of continuous high temperature, the state of the car battery is weak, especially the battery close to the critical service life of 3-5 years, it is very easy to cause squatting due to power loss. As we all know, it is necessary to choose a car battery with excellent heat resistance in summer. However, many start-stop owners have troubles when replacing batteries. It is rumored that AGM batteries for start-stop are not heat-resistant, because AGM batteries are mostly installed at the bottom of the trunk of the car or under the driver's seat, and are not installed under the hood like ordinary car batteries. In these two places, the ambient temperature is relatively lower, so there are "rumors" that AGM technology batteries are not heat-resistant.

1. AGM technology car battery is not only not afraid of heat, but also very heat-resistant

The reason why AGM batteries are installed in the cockpit or trunk is not because they are afraid of high temperature, but because they have a higher level of safety. Different from ordinary flooded batteries, there is a certain risk of acid leakage in extreme situations. The AGM battery technology adopts the adsorption glass fiber separator technology, which belongs to the battery with poor liquid, and there is no flowing acid inside. In addition, the negative tolerance high pressure assembly process is used, which is safe and leak-free. Therefore, installation in the cockpit is stress-free.

Speaking of heat resistance, AGM batteries have ultra-low water loss rate and super heat dissipation performance, so they are completely free from heat. AGM adopts reinforced grid technology, which is forged and stamped. The internal structure is more compact, and it is more resistant to electrochemical reaction corrosion in high temperature environment. The two-way sealing valve design creates a maintenance-free internal circulation of the battery, ensures the internal circulation of water in a high temperature environment, and greatly reduces water loss. Its 2000-hour high-temperature charging moisture loss is as low as 1g/Ah, which is far lower than the global industry standard.

2. AGM technology car battery is not only not afraid of heat, but also brings bursts of coolness to the car

With excellent start-up performance and excellent discharge capacity, AGM automotive battery technology perfectly meets the high power demand of on-board multi-electronic devices such as air conditioners. Compared with ordinary batteries, AGM has more than 3 times the discharge capacity, even if frequent deep discharge, it is not easy to cause the loss of battery capacity and shorten the battery life. Bring peace of mind and excellent driving experience to car owners.

The battery AGM technology refers to the battery whose separator is made of ultra-fine glass wool material. AGM refers to the material of the separator. Common battery separators include rubber separators, PP separators, PE separators, PVC separators and AGM separators. Battery assembly is quite different from automotive batteries and sealed VRLA batteries. Sealed VRLA batteries require AGM separators to be assembled, while automotive batteries generally use PE, PVC or rubber separators.

The start-stop system requires a more powerful battery to supply sufficient power at idle to supply the electrical equipment on the vehicle, support more frequent starts, cycles and deep discharges, as well as partial charge operation and dynamic charge reception capabilities. These requirements cannot be met by ordinary batteries.

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