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The Principle of Batteries Stop and Start in Cars and Its Impact on Batteries

Most car owners are quite hesitant about the automatic start-stop function, worrying that repeated starts and stops will damage the engine and greatly reduce its lifespan. Especially for new car owners, they are even more reluctant to "tinker" with their precious baby. With the development of the times, since there are car battery with start stop, it must not be there to cause trouble.

The principle of automatic batteries stop and start

When the driver stops the car due to traffic congestion or at a crossroad, he/she steps on the brake pedal. At this time, the start/stop system will automatically detect whether the engine is idling, the wheel speed sensor of the anti-lock braking system shows zero, and the electronic battery sensor shows enough power to support the next start. When these three conditions are met, the engine will automatically stop running.

When the traffic light turns green, the driver steps on the pedal and can then start the "starting gear block" and quickly start the engine. The driver shifts gear, steps on the pedal to give gas, and the vehicle starts quickly. With the support of high-efficiency start-stop battery technology and corresponding engine management programs, the automatic start-stop system can work normally at lower temperatures, and only requires a very short preheating process to start. The automatic start-stop system is a system that can automatically control the ignition and extinguishing of the engine. Its original intention is to allow the engine to automatically "hibernate" in the case of brief parking, in order to achieve fuel savings, emissions reduction, and energy consumption reduction. It is mainly applicable to medium-sized traffic lights or traffic jams in cities. Its core lies in automatic control of the extinguishing and starting process, which can minimize unnecessary fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and improve fuel economy. In order to ensure passenger comfort, after the engine is turned off, the battery will replace the belt pulley to supply power to the engine cooling fan and car air conditioning.

The impact of automatic batteries stop and start on batteries

Cars equipped with the automatic start-stop function do not use ordinary standard batteries. Because they cannot withstand much larger currents during charging than ordinary current intensities, and their service life is limited. As long as there is a car with an automatic start-stop function, it is equipped with an AGM battery, which can perform large-current discharge performance. That is, it is specially designed for adapting to automatic start-stop systems, supporting more frequent startups, deep cycle charging and discharging, as well as partial charging and running and dynamic charging receiving capacity, etc., which ordinary batteries cannot meet.

The automatic start-stop function can improve fuel efficiency and reduce the exhaust pollution caused by idling during parking in most cases. However, continuous starts and stops will also affect comfort. It is recommended to activate this function during daily driving. In certain specific situations, such as congested roads with frequent stops and starts or when the vehicle is involved in water wading, it is recommended to manually disable this function. With the development of automotive technology, energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and safety have become new trends. The automatic batteries stop and start technology allows people to experience the power of high technology. It reduces fuel consumption during idling and also plays a role in beautifying the environment. As long as we pay a little attention when using it, the benefits of automatic start-stop technology are definitely greater than the disadvantages.

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