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AGM Automotive Battery Escorts Start-stop System

With the increasing calls for energy conservation and emission reduction around the world, countries are also actively introducing various emission restriction policies. "Start-stop system" began to enter the field of vision of the majority of car owners more and more. Due to its strong technical feasibility, low cost and obvious energy-saving effect of AGM automotive batteries, the start-stop system will become a large-scale energy-saving technology in the next few years.

1. AGM auto battery technology is no longer far away

In Europe, where emission standards are strict, a large number of small cars are generally equipped with automatic start-stop systems. In vehicles with a stop-start system, the engine can be switched off during brief stops, such as at traffic lights. Therefore, the start-stop system models are very suitable for stop-and-go urban road conditions, and play the role of saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions. When the vehicle is at a standstill, the power needed in the car is instead supplied by the battery. In the United States and Japan, in order to encourage the use of the start-stop system, the government compensates for the increased cost of configuring the start-stop system. Europe and the United States have taken the lead, and the market is also becoming more and more popular. The AGM auto battery start-stop system is getting closer and closer to us.

2. Professional AGM automotive battery products and services have arrived

During the operation of the start-stop system, when the engine is turned off, the electrical system of the vehicle (from entertainment to lighting) needs to be powered by the battery instead of the engine and generator. A special battery that can support the function of the start-stop system is called a start-stop battery. This type of battery can support the restart of the engine within 1s. Obviously, ordinary batteries can no longer fully meet the dynamic performance of start-stop cars, and the use of AGM car batteries has become the key to making the start-stop system fully play its characteristics. Currently, both AGM (Adsorbed Glass Fiber Separator) batteries and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Batteries) can support cars with start-stop powertrains. AGM batteries are ideal for supporting automotive start-stop systems due to their excellent cycle performance, charge acceptance, and ability to work in low-charge states.

Because AGM auto battery replacement is more complicated than traditional batteries, it is not just as simple as "remove the old battery and install a new one". The start-stop system's battery is connected to the on-board electronic system through a battery management system (BMS) or an intelligent battery sensor (IBS), which is the core of the start-stop system and the key to maximizing environmental benefits. So in order to maintain comfort and control energy consumption, many automakers require a memory reset when replacing the start-stop system's battery. To this end, the manufacturer provides "all-round" solutions for dealers in the aftermarket, and provides professional and comprehensive services for terminal owners. It is reported that the tools in the "all-in-one" solution allow users to directly detect the battery, engine and generator in operation; and show step-by-step instructions on how to replace and connect a new battery to the vehicle.

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