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Six Point Answer: AGM Batteries Cannot be Substituted by Regular Batteries

AGM batteries (absorbent glass mat batteries) are mainly used in cars with start-stop systems. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries have more advanced technology, which can better handle the pressure of frequent engine starts and the growing power load on car batteries. If the original car has an AGM battery but without a start-stop system, can it be replaced with a regular battery?

AGM batteries cannot be replaced with regular ones

  • AGM batteries are suitable for vehicles with start-stop systems, but it does not mean that they cannot be used without the system. The most common Mercedes-Benz original battery that people come into contact with is installed in the trunk, and it can last for 7-8 years. The reason is that it uses VRLA batteries (valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries), which are the predecessors of AGM batteries. Its design life can reach 15 years. In addition, many luxury cars are equipped with various electronic systems, so there are often many electronic versions. If you replace it with a regular battery, these functions will be greatly reduced or even disabled.

  • AGM batteries and VRLA batteries are both fully sealed batteries that use no gas emissions throughout the entire process. When replaced with a regular battery, it will produce gas that is harmful to human health, and what's more, the gas produced during the battery usage is hydrogen and oxygen.

  • The monitoring sensors and electronic control systems of battery status are calibrated according to the original battery's technical parameters. The cost of a start-stop battery is more than twice that of a regular battery.

  • Can a regular battery group handle the frequent high-current start of the start-stop system, which discharges high current dozens or even hundreds of times a day? Too low battery capacity will drag down the start-stop system.

  • The start-stop system has a generator management system. If the computer detects that the battery is fully charged while driving, it will turn off the generator and use the battery to power the entire car's electronic system. Can a regular battery do this?

  • The start-stop system has a brake energy recovery system. At this time, the high-current charging is unbearable for regular batteries.

How long is the service life of AGM batteries?

On a start-stop car, depending on the use environment, if it is not a start-stop system but only an electronic version, using AGM batteries for 3-5 years is not a problem.

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