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Never Worry About Running out of Power with AGM Battey When Using Parking Air Conditioner

High temperature can have a significant impact on our transportation life. It can cause sweating and discomfort, making it necessary for many car owners to install parking air conditioning units. Even car owners who already have vehicles often choose to install parking air conditioning units to make summer easier to bear.

However, after installing parking air conditioning units, many car owners begin to worry about a new problem: whether the original car battery can withstand the use of parking air conditioning units. Extended use can also cause various battery problems, making it difficult to use or not use the air conditioning unit.

But is a bigger battery really better? Actually, not necessarily. The battery also needs to be able to support deep discharge, which most batteries currently on the market cannot do. The solution to the issue of parking air conditioning unit endurance is AGM car battery technology.

In comparison to regular batteries, AGM battery can undergo deep cycling and discharge, making it more suitable for use in vehicle electronics and parking air conditioning units. Additionally, AGM battery is much cheaper than lithium battery, making it more cost-effective.

What is an AGM battery?

You may be wondering, "What is an AGM battery?" Let us provide a brief introduction. The AGM battery, like 70Ah AGM battery, is not a new product and has been widely used in various high-tech fields, such as the power industry. Many small cars equipped with start-stop functions also come with the AGM battery.

AGM batteries are a new technology for lead-acid batteries.

The term "AGM" refers to the material of the separator, which can be made of various materials such as rubber, PP, PE, PVC, and AGM. AGM battery uses pure water-sulfuric acid as the electrolyte, with most of the electrolyte absorbed in the glass fiber cotton separator (AGM). In contrast, regular batteries have the separator soaking in the electrolyte.

AGM battery, such as 92Ah AGM battery, has excellent discharge performance, but over-discharge can accelerate battery aging and greatly shorten its lifespan. In contrast, AGM battery can continue to discharge without affecting battery life, not only providing better performance but also greatly enhancing the durability of our batteries.

Most batteries in the market do not support deep discharge. Frequent deep discharge can accelerate battery aging and shorten lifespan, but AGM battery can undergo multiple deep cycles of discharge, in addition to parking discharge and traveling charging. In terms of lifespan, AGM battery lasts several times longer than regular battery.

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