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Why Can't EFB Battery Replace Original AGM Battery?

The EFB battery is essentially an enhanced version of the traditional flooded lead-acid battery, while the AGM battery is a brand-new glass fiber separator battery with stronger deep cycle life, stronger starting ability, stronger charging acceptance ability, and overall leading technology.

1. EFB battery replaces original AGM battery to reduce the service life of battery and vehicle electronic equipment

For start-stop vehicles originally equipped with AGM batteries, if EFB batteries are used instead of AGMs, under the preset charging mode of the battery management system (BMS), the EFB batteries will be in a state of power deficit for a long time, and the battery life and the performance of on-board electronic equipment will be negatively affected.

2. The battery management system is incompatible after the EFB battery replaces the original AGM battery

The AGM battery is matched with the original vehicle battery management system. Due to the better deep cycle performance of AGM batteries, the vehicle BMS system has been equipped with a corresponding power consumption strategy. EFB batteries will not match, there will be trouble codes or compatibility issues, resulting in safety risks.

3. EFB battery replaces original AGM battery to reduce user experience

Vehicles originally equipped with AGM batteries are generally mid-to-high-end vehicles, and many high-end configurations are supplied by the power system. The performance of EFB battery technology will inevitably lead to the failure of some functions, the user's driving experience will be greatly reduced, and the vehicle configuration will be wasted. AGM battery refers to the battery whose separator is made of ultra-fine glass wool material. At present, the German department and the American department mainly promote AGM technology.

The EFB battery is developed on the basis of the original ordinary lead-acid battery. It can withstand high temperature and can be installed in the engine compartment. It can fully meet the requirements of the start-stop system, and its life performance is three times higher than that of ordinary batteries. Batteries are more than twice as expensive.

At present, most of the new cars on the market are equipped with start-stop systems. Some countries have promulgated strict laws and regulations on vehicle emissions. Under pressure, car manufacturers have to equip them with start-stop systems in order to reduce emissions. First of all, the starter is reinforced, with a design life of 100,000 starts, so there is no need to worry about the starter. The second is the start-stop battery. The battery must be an AGM or EFB start-stop battery. The start-stop battery can have a large current and can be started frequently in a short period of time. Many people may ask whether they can use ordinary batteries instead of start-stop batteries. The frequency of starting and stopping is too much. The charge and discharge intensity is too high, the performance of ordinary batteries cannot be achieved, and the start-stop system is easily damaged by ordinary batteries. When the start-stop battery is fed, do not use a general charger to charge the battery. It is easy to charge the battery. The start-stop battery has strict requirements on the voltage and current. Use a special charger to charge. If there is no special charger, it is recommended to turn off the start-up battery. Stop the system, run more, and let the car charge the battery.

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