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AGM Stop-start Battery is Popular with More People

In order to meet the requirements of automobile energy saving and emission reduction, more and more new cars are equipped with start-stop systems. More than 50% of new cars will be equipped with a stop-start system, and in Europe, this figure is more than 90%. For a car equipped with a start-stop system, the engine will automatically shut down when the car stops for a short time such as waiting for a red light. At this time, the electric power supply in the car is completely dependent on the start-stop battery, thus saving fuel consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. At this time, the battery needs to provide more power for the car, and the frequent start and stop conditions require the battery to have a faster recovery ability and the ability to start and supply power in a low power state. Therefore, the start-stop system has a higher demand on the battery.

1. AGM stop-start battery ensures driving safety

In addition, with the development of vehicle electrification and intelligence, the number of new-generation vehicle electric vehicles has increased from more than 20 to more than 150, and the number of computer control units has increased from 2 to more than 50 now, and the total power consumption has also doubled. In this way, a more powerful battery is also needed to ensure the normal operation of the car's electrics, improve the driving experience, and ensure driving safety.

Ordinary batteries cannot meet the high demand for electric energy of start-stop and multi-electronic equipment vehicles, so how can batteries cope with the complex working conditions of start-stop vehicles and many electronic equipment vehicles? The answer is AGM stop-start battery. After all, professional things still need professional products to deal with.

2. The advantages of AGM stop-start battery compared to ordinary batteries

First of all, we will explain what AGM stop-start battery is. The full name of AGM stop-start battery is adsorption glass fiber separator technology battery. Of course each brand of AGM technology is different, AGM batteries use a larger plate area and enhanced lead paste formula to enhance its durability and heat resistance.

Compared with ordinary batteries, AGM has more than 3 times the discharge capacity, stronger starting, faster charging, and can easily cope with frequent starting and stopping. The leading AGM car battery technology enables the acid electrolyte to be adsorbed inside the battery, and the unique battery safety valve ensures that the battery is hardly exhausted during use, and even if the gas is generated, it can be circulated and absorbed inside. The overall design makes the AGM last longer and is safer to use.

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