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High-quality AGM Battery, Protecting Your Journey Ahead

During the summer solstice, most areas will experience temperatures exceeding 30℃. Even when sitting still, one can break out into a sweat. In a car that has been sitting under the blazing sun, the temperature inside can reach 50-60℃, and the battery, surrounded by the hot air, may become overheated and weakened. In winter, temperatures drop sharply, and in some areas can even go as low as -40℃. The car battery must endure both extremes, so how can we choose the right car battery to withstand the heat of summer and the cold of winter?

The working principle of a battery is the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy, and vice versa. During charging, electrical energy is converted into chemical energy, and during discharging, the opposite occurs. Through continuous charging and discharging, the vehicle's electrical system operates normally. Under normal working conditions, the internal electrolyte and metal plates of the battery continue to undergo chemical reactions, and temperature serves as a catalyst. In high temperature conditions, the chemical reactions inside the battery can accelerate plate corrosion, which affects the battery's lifespan. When choosing a battery for summer use, the plate grid is key. AGM batteries use a unique grid alloy formula, which has a high hydrogen evolution overpotential, strong corrosion resistance, and effectively avoids the occurrence of PCL phenomenon, with a strong capacity recovery ability. The positive electrode paste also contains conductive additives, which improve the utilization rate of active substances and increase the strength of the positive electrode plates. The negative electrode lead paste contains nano-level anti-shrinkage and crystallizing agents to prevent the danger of sulfate saltification in the start-stop system.

AGM batteries have a stronger starting performance

AGM car battery technology can support frequent moments of starting and stopping. The excellent plate grid and mesh have stronger toughness and better conductivity, allowing for smooth electrical flow to support frequent starting and stopping of the vehicle, even in congested areas.

AGM batteries have a longer discharge capability and service life

High-quality AGM batteries have three times the deep cycle and discharge performance of ordinary batteries. They can quickly recover their charge after discharge, making them more durable and long-lasting.

AGM batteries are more cold-resistant

Even in the coldest weather, AGM car battery technology can still start the vehicle smoothly and reliably. In conditions as low as -40℃, you can rest easy and worry-free.

AGM batteries have stronger and more powerful electrical power

AGM batteries can drive high-power devices without any problem. As consumers demand more and more electrical devices in cars, AGM batteries can provide stable and high power output to support a wide range of devices.

In high-temperature environments, high-temperature charging can cause batteries to lose more water and over time this can lead to battery failure. AGM car battery technology is designed with a sealed valve and has a large liquid volume to prevent electrolyte dryness and the occurrence of thermal runaway in the battery. When the scorching heat comes, switch to AGM batteries and enjoy confident and stress-free driving.

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