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Lead-acid Batteries Are Still the Mainstream, and the Car Start-stop Market May Usher in a Golden Period of Development

In recent years, the country has increasingly strict requirements on fuel consumption standards for automobiles. Under this background, the start-stop system that can effectively save fuel consumption has gradually become the standard configuration of passenger vehicles. It is predicted that the next few years will usher in the golden development period of the car start-stop battery market, and the market prospect is very broad.

It is understood that the car battery start-stop system has high technical barriers, because start-stop requires more frequent starts and power supply for vehicle electrical appliances at idle speed, and has higher performance requirements for start-stop batteries than ordinary batteries. At present, there are two types of start-stop batteries widely used in the market: EFB and AGM. Lead-acid batteries are still the main body of the start-stop battery market, accounting for about 90% of the market, and the market share of lithium batteries is still very small.

1. The assembly rate of automobile battery start-stop system has been greatly increased

The United States began to promote the start-stop system of automobiles in 2012, and the assembly rate has been greatly improved. So far, equipping an engine start-stop system is the easiest and most effective way to reduce vehicle emissions. At present, the start-stop battery system has been widely promoted in developed countries. It is estimated that the assembly rate of the start-stop system in Europe can reach 90%, and the assembly rate of the start-stop system in the United States can reach 57%.

From the perspective of the Chinese market, the assembly rate of start-stop systems is also increasing rapidly. Specifically, the current joint venture brand cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and General Motors already have start-stop systems as standard equipment. Among them, high-end car brands basically use AGM batteries, and most of Volkswagen and Japanese cars use EFB batteries. The brand's mainstream models also use EFB batteries. With the implementation of the National Sixth Standard for automobiles, start-stop technology will become one of the first choices for car companies to reduce fuel consumption, and the start-stop battery, which is the core of the start-stop system, will receive more attention. The explosive start-stop battery market will also be subject to more regulation.

2. A car battery start-stop system with better performance

Technically speaking, compared with traditional batteries, the start-stop battery system puts forward higher requirements on the performance of EFB batteries: higher cycle life, which is 2-3 times higher than that of ordinary batteries; Ordinary batteries are increased by more than 25%; higher safety, need to consider the function setting of EFB batteries; better dynamic charging ability, can adapt to the charging strategy of starting and stopping the car, and quickly complete itself under different charging conditions Kinetic energy supplement; better consistency.

In order to meet the needs of reducing fuel consumption and emissions, the current car charging system adopts intelligent charging, which is mainly dynamically adjusted according to battery power and temperature. The start-stop battery system is realized by installing an EBS device on the negative pole of the battery. The device collects battery voltage, current temperature and then determines the SOD value of the battery. In order to improve the cycle life of the battery, it is necessary to select the appropriate grid type, including expanded grid, punched grid, cast grid, continuous casting grid, etc. In order to improve the low-temperature discharge capability of the battery, the discharge area of the grid should be increased. At the same time, the material and structure of the EFB battery case have been optimized to effectively ensure high safety.

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