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What Is AGM Battery?

As the global call for energy conservation and emission reduction continued to rise, the automotive industry has set controlling carbon emissions and reducing fuel consumption as a hard benchmark for the future. This has led to whole vehicle manufacturers accumulating technology to seek low-cost, high-efficiency solutions, and engine automatic start-stop technology has become the new direction for fuel vehicles. AGM adsorptive glass fiber separator.AGM battery is a type of battery that uses adsorptive glass fiber separator technology and is the most advanced battery today.


Compared with batteries of the same specifications, the start-stop AGM battery has the following advantages

  • The cycling charging capacity is three times higher than that of lead-calcium batteries, and has a longer service life.

  • It has higher capacitance stability throughout its entire service life.

  • Lower temperature performance is more reliable.

  • AGM car battery reduces the risk of accidents and environmental pollution.

  • Maintenance-free, reducing deep discharge.

When the driver touches the brake pedal, the engine will stop working according to the depth of the braking force. When the driver encounters red lights and traffic jams, the engine is forcibly shut down by the start-stop system, and there is no idle speed and no carbon dioxide emissions; when the green light is on, the start-stop system releases the brakes, and the car engine will quickly start to work. With the support of efficient AGM battery technology and corresponding engine management programs, the start-stop system can also work normally at lower temperatures, and only needs a short preheating process to activate.

The advantages of start-stop AGM battery

  • Vehicles that use start-stop systems mainly use lead-acid batteries with AGM ultra-fine glass fiber separators.

  • Innovative technology uses high-quality composite layer fiber separators with high acid resistance and stronger adsorption of electrolyte.

  • The service life of AGM battery is three to four times that of traditional flooded batteries.

  • Good deep discharge performance, allowing short-term and frequent large-current discharge.

  • It has excellent cold start capability, and can provide higher energy in the same space.

  • There is no risk of electrolyte overflow when the battery is inverted 360 degrees or ruptured.

  • Equipped with the latest technology for advanced start-stop vehicles.

  • AGM battery has high charging acceptance and can absorb a large amount of regenerative energy recovered from braking.

  • Completely maintenance-free.

You need to wait for the vehicle to completely shut down before starting it. The start-stop system with enhanced batteries and starters mainly drives the flywheel by the starter gear to start the engine, so it needs to wait until the flywheel (i.e., engine speed) stops before it can engage the starter gear. Therefore, when the start-stop system works and the engine is shut down, the speed does not drop to zero, and the engine cannot be started immediately.

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