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How to Increase AGM Start-Stop Battery Life

For many cars on the market today, configurations such as uphill assist, automatic parking, and automatic engine start-stop have become standard. It stands to reason to provide us with convenience. Many car owners are not satisfied with these configurations, and even have disgust. The original intention of the car's automatic start and stop is good, many car owners love it, and many car owners turn it off involuntarily before driving, but in any case, the realization of the advantages of the car agm battery requires the support of the battery, then How long is the battery life of the car's automatic start-stop? It is recommended to do these 5 points to improve battery life.

The appearance of the automatic start-stop function of the car can be said to be environmentally friendly and fuel-saving. When the car is parked for a short time, when it detects that there is a brake action to stop the car, the engine will automatically turn off, and the electrical equipment in the car will Relying on the battery to provide energy, and when the car starts with fuel, when the system detects this action, the engine will use the automatic start-stop battery to start the operation, so as to achieve the purpose of saving fuel and reducing emissions.

1. AGM start-stop battery is not an ordinary lead-acid battery on a car

Relatively speaking, the battery that automatically starts and stops needs to bear more pressure. We all know that the engine needs a huge amount of electric energy at the moment of starting. Due to the frequent start and stop of the car engine, the loss of the battery is relatively large, so the battery used in the automatic start-stop battery is an enhanced wet lead-acid battery (EFB) and glass fiber separators Battery (AGM), the durability of these two batteries is much higher than that of ordinary lead-acid batteries. In addition, many car owners directly turn off the automatic start and stop before getting on the car, and their battery life even exceeds that of ordinary lead-acid batteries.

It can be said that the car's automatic start-stop battery has stronger performance than ordinary lead-acid batteries, and has the advantages of large battery capacity, fast charging, and fast storage of electricity. As for the two automatic start-stop batteries mentioned above, the latter maintenance-free AGM start-stop battery costs more than the maintenance-required EFB battery, and its overall stability is not as good as that of the EFB battery. According to the development of the market, the enhanced wet battery Lead-acid batteries have a tendency to replace glass fiber separator batteries, and riders may wish to see which kind of battery they use in their car.

2. How to improve AGM start-stop battery

Instead of thinking about how long the battery life is, it is better to start from now and put the maintenance of the AGM start-stop battery into the daily routine. It is recommended to do these 5 points, which can effectively improve the battery life.

(1) The automatic start and stop of the car is a good configuration. The start and stop of the engine are still controlled by our feet and the weight of the brakes. If the control is good, the engine will not be started and stopped frequently. Just lightly braking will not trigger automatic start and stop. When waiting for a red light for a long time, if you step harder, the engine will turn off. The car is quiet. It also ensures the comfort of the passengers in the vehicle.

(2) When the vehicle is turned off, try to turn off all electrical equipment in the vehicle. The operation of the engine is the basis for ensuring that the AGM start-stop battery has electricity. In the state of flameout, the use of electrical equipment in the car will cause over-discharge of the battery, which will speed up the loss of the battery over time.

(3) The battery itself will self-discharge. If the car is idle for a long time, the battery cannot be replenished in time by the engine, which will also reduce the battery life.

(4) If the air conditioner is not turned off after the car is turned off, when the car starts again, "the battery needs extra energy to ensure the work of the air conditioner", and the instantaneous increase of the battery load is also a kind of loss to the battery. But many cars now don't need to worry about this problem. Even if the air conditioner is turned off and the air conditioner is turned off, when the vehicle is restarted, the solenoid valve connected to the air conditioner will play a delayed start.

(5) Various electrical appliances are installed in the car later, such as high-power lights, power amplifiers, etc., so that the total power of the electrical appliances in the car is much higher than the total power of the original car electrical appliances, which will also increase the loss of battery life.

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