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Signs to Look out for Before the Failure of Auto Start-Stop Battery

The start-stop battery can be said to be the source of automotive power. If the start-stop battery runs out of power, it is very likely that the car will not start. Unlike motorcycles, which can be started by foot-push if the electronic ignition fails, or manual transmission cars that can be started by pushing the car manually, more and more families prefer automatic transmission cars, so the maintenance of the start-stop battery is very important.

Generally speaking, the lifespan of a car battery is 3-5 years, but the specific usage time depends on your driving habits. In the process of daily maintenance of the car, it is essential to maintain and check the start-stop battery. Many car owners find that the AGM start-stop battery of their new car is already in a discharged state before they have driven it for long. Therefore, we car owners must pay attention to the maintenance of the start-stop battery during daily use, and also know the warning signs of the start-stop battery failure. Here are three signs of start-stop battery failure that most car owners have experienced but still ignored:

The indicator light of the start-stop battery lights up or there is a bulge in the battery

This is the most common and intuitive sign. When the start-stop battery malfunction indicator light on the car dashboard lights up, we car owners must take it seriously. If you find that the start-stop battery has a bulge, which is caused by long-term charging or the battery's exhaust port being blocked, it indicates a battery failure. At this time, the car needs to be taken to a repair shop for repair. If replacement is needed, it should be replaced in time to avoid accidents during future driving.

The headlight brightness of the car start-stop battery decreases

As we all know, the power supply of the headlights, brake lights, and audio equipment on the car comes from the car battery. If we find that the headlight brightness becomes dim, or when braking, the brake light is very dim, it means that the start-stop battery of your car is about to fail. When idling, the car's charging power drops, causing the battery to fail to provide the corresponding voltage, resulting in dimming of these lights.

Difficult to start the car start-stop battery

Difficult starting is also an important manifestation of start-stop battery failure. If the car can be started normally under normal circumstances, but suddenly it is difficult to start, it means that the battery has a problem. It may be close to being scrapped and can no longer provide power to the car. At this time, car owners need to replace the battery, otherwise the car cannot be driven normally.

In fact, the start-stop battery becomes particularly fragile in low-temperature environments. Not only car batteries, but also mobile phone batteries and electric vehicle batteries behave in the same way. The colder weather will shorten its battery life. Especially now that the weather is relatively cold, we car owners must pay special attention to the use of the start-stop battery, be diligent in checking and maintaining it, and with the change of driving habits, the pressure on the start-stop battery is also increasing as there are more and more electrical devices on the car. If you do not check and maintain it carefully, the start-stop battery is prone to failure. Therefore, we car owners must strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the start-stop battery to avoid problems caused by the start-stop battery failure and bring trouble to our driving.

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