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Start Stop AGM/EFB Battery Used In Transportation

As the market for start-stop vehicles changes, EXOR specializes in providing AGM and EFB start stop battery for start-stop systems. With higher CCA, you no longer have to face battery failure in the cold winter.

Start-stop Battery VS Normal

Compared with normal battery, start stop battery, its "instant large current release" ability is much better, such as normal battery instantaneous release current peak capacity is 280A, so the same specification of automatic power failure bottle can often reach 400A or even higher. This is because it requires the engine to be turned on repeatedly at all times, so it requires more capability than ordinary batteries.

Can regular cars use automatic start and stop batteries?

The answer is yes! The performance of start stop battery is much better than that of the traditional normal battery. But no one uses it like that! Because start stop battery than normal battery is much more expensive! We will not do that.

Can auto start and stop models use ordinary normal batteries?

In fact, this problem is quite a lot of car owners will encounter. As we know, the peak current release capacity of ordinary normal batteries is far less than that of dedicated start stop battery, so ordinary normal batteries installed on vehicles with start and stop function, automatic start and stop function is tantamount to waste.

For most low-end automatic start and stop models, in order to save money, the use of ordinary normal battery, the car is nothing more than completely lost the automatic start and stop function, which in fact does not affect the normal car (manually turn off the automatic start and stop function! But the automatic start and stop function of some cars can not be turned off, such as many models of GENERAL Motors, so when we are driving, as long as we remember a trick: the vehicle is quite stable before pushing into neutral, the engine will not flout (but in order to save the money of start stop battery, so every day operation is also very uncomfortable!) .

There are some high-end models, high-end German models, the circuit often has battery parameter detection function, once detected that the battery performance does not reach the specified performance, the protection system automatically triggered, many functions of the vehicle can not be opened, so they are unable to use ordinary battery.

Recommended AGM Battery Volts

AGM is an absorbable glass fiber battery. Vehicles equipped with engine start-stop function are mostly equipped with AGM and EFP enhanced maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. Compared with ordinary batteries (traditional lead-acid batteries), AGM batteries are more advanced in technology and can better solve the pressure of frequent engine startup and the increasing power load on vehicle batteries. AGM battery is ultrafine glass fiber battery, EFB belongs to start-stop battery, engine compartment is suitable for EFB battery, with liquid filling hole, high temperature resistant, maintainable. AGM fiberglass plates are suitable for under seat and trunk room temperature environment. Material difference between AGM and EFB: AGM battery refers to the battery whose partition board is made of ultrafine glass wool. EFB battery is a rich liquid enhanced power-off bottle, which is developed on the basis of the original common lead-acid battery. European cars and American cars mainly carry AGM; Japanese cars mainly carry EFBS; Price: AGM battery is the most expensive. AGM is more than 3 times more expensive than ordinary batteries. Efbs are about twice as expensive as ordinary batteries. AGM batteries are ultrafine glass fiber batteries with a different structure from ordinary batteries. When charging, it should be noted that the charging limit voltage is only 14.5V, while the normal battery is 15.5V. When selecting a charger, you need to select a charger dedicated to AGM. The theoretical life of AGM batteries is about 4-6 years. The theoretical service life of EFB batteries is 3-5 years. The actual service life, and the use of the vehicle habit, the use of the environment, external temperature and so on have a direct relationship.

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